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Bécher en quartz
Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 % Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 % Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 % Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 % Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 %

Bécher en verre de quartz transparent à 99,98 %

Le bécher en verre de quartz à 99,98 % présente des avantages économiques élevés et constitue un équipement essentiel pour tout laboratoire ou centre de recherche nécessitant des mesures précises et des résultats précis. Disponible en différentes tailles.
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  • Material : Quartz glass

  • Purity Available : 99.98%

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Transparent 99.98% Quartz Glass Beaker

Advantages of quartz glass beaker:

1. High temperature resistance: Quartz glass beaker can withstand a high temperature without cracking or melting. Long term use at 1100 ℃, short term use at 1450 ℃.

2. Chemical resistance: It is highly resistant to acids, bases, and other corrosive chemicals.

3. Non-conductive: Quartz glass is a non-conductive material, making it ideal for use in labs for experiments that require electrical insulation.

4. Transparency: It is highly transparent and have excellent optical clarity, making it ideal for use in labs for analytical purposes, where the transparency of the material is crucial for accurate measurements and observations.

5. Non-porous: Quartz glass is a non-porous material with high resistance, rust -proof and pollution.

6. UV Resistance: It is highly resistant to UV radiation, suitable for experiments that require exposure to UV light, such as photochemistry and photobiology.

Descriptions of quartz glass beaker:

1. This quartz glass beaker is an essential piece of lab equipment, perfect for mixing and measuring solutions.

2. Its clear construction and wide base make it stable and easy to use.

3. The beaker is made of high-quality quartz glass, providing a durable and heat-resistant vessel.

4. Multiple sizes of beakers are available.

Size details of quartz glass beaker:

Size details of quartz glass beaker
Item NO.
Bottom diameter
CS-QTZ-S001 5 25 31 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S002 10 30 41 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S003 25 38 51 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S004 50 50 64 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S005 100 60 74 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S006 150 65 84 2 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S007 200 70 88 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S008 250 75 103 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S009 300 90 111 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S010 500 95 119 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S011 600 99 130 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S012 800 108 140 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S013 1000 130 149 2.5 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S014 2000 397 203 3 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S015 3000 151 214 3 99.98%
CS-QTZ-S016 5000 164 288 3 99.98%

OEM/ODM is acceptable. Your goods will be produced exactly according to your drawings or inquiry

Parameters of quartz glass beaker:

Chemical composition: SiO2 99.98%
Density: 2.2(g/cm3)
Degree of hardness moh' scale: 6.6
Melting point: 1732
Working temperature: 1100
Max temperature can reach in a short time: 1450
Acid tolerance: 30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel
Visible light transmittance: above 93%
UV spectral region transmittance: 80%
Resistance value: 10000 times than ordinary glass
Annealing point: 1215
Softening point: 1730

Applications of quartz glass beaker:

1. Laboratory Experiments: Quartz glass beakers are used in laboratories for experiments that require high temperatures and chemical resistance. They are ideal for handling harsh chemicals.

2. Medical Applications: Can be used for medical applications, such as the mixing and heating of medical solutions, because they are inert and non-reactive.

3. Jewelry Making: Used in the jewelry making industry, melting metals, as well as casting and forming jewelry.

4. Chemical Industry: Used in the chemical industry to mix and react chemicals at high temperatures.

5. Petrochemical Industry: In the petrochemical industry, it is used to test petroleum products.

6. Manufacturing Industry: Used in the manufacturing industry to mix and heat materials during the production process.

7. Astronomy Applications: Used for astronomical applications to produce high-quality optics and lenses for telescopes.

8. Environmental Science: In the application of environmental science, it is used to analyze water samples.

9. Research and Development: Quartz glass beakers are used in research and development applications for a variety of industries, including electronics, aerospace, and telecommunications.


Q1. What information should we supply to get a quote?

Please offer the specification of quartz glass beaker, such as shape, dimension, quantity, application etc.

Q2. Are quartz glass beakers safe to use?

Yes, quartz glass beakers are safe to use. They are made from quartz glass, which is non-toxic and chemically inert.

Q3. Can quartz glass beaker be used for mixing chemicals?

Yes, quartz glass beaker is suitable for mixing chemicals due to its high chemical resistance. However, it is important to use appropriate safety measures and follow laboratory protocols to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

Q4. How do I know when a quartz glass beaker needs to be replaced?

When a quartz glass beaker becomes scratched or chipped, it is time to replace it as it can no longer be used safely. Additionally, quartz glass beakers should be replaced if they become severely discolored or stained.

Q5. How to maintain quartz glass beaker?

Regularly clean the beaker,do not use any abrasive materials or chemicals to clean the quartz glass beaker.Always handle quartz glass beakers with care to prevent breakage.When not in use, store quartz glass beakers in a safe, dry place away from any source of heat or direct sunlight.

How to clean quartz glass beaker:

1. Remove any remaining material from the quartz beaker using a soft brush or soft cloth.

2. Fill a container with warm water and add a small amount of detergent.

3. Submerge the beaker in the detergent water and let it soak for several minutes.

4. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub the inside and outside of the beaker, paying special attention to any stubborn stains or deposits.

5. Rinse the beaker thoroughly with clean water to remove all detergent residue.

6. Dry the beaker with a soft cloth or let it air dry.

Quality testing standards:

1. Visual inspection of the quartz beaker for any signs of damage or irregularities.

2. Measurement of the length, width, and thickness of the beaker to check for accuracy.

3. Hold the beaker against a light source and inspect it for transparency. Transparent quartz glass should allow light to pass through it easily with little to no distortion.

4. Pour a small amount of water on the surface of the beaker and observe the behavior of the water. If the water beads up and does not properly wet the surface of the beaker, it may indicate a coating of impurities on the surface.

5. Verification of the material and chemical composition of the quartz glass beaker.

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